Toby Walsh is a world-renowned professor on artificial intelligence at the University of South Wales and Data61. He was named by the media as a "rock star" of the digital revolution and included on the list of the 100 most important digital innovators in Australia.

Toby is the author of 4 books: ‘IT’S ALIVE’ (published in English, Chinese, Korean, German and Polish), ‘Android Dreams,’ ‘Machines That Think’ and ‘2062: The World that AI Made’ (published in August 2018). 

He is a sought-after keynote speaker on how artificial intelligence influences business, education, warfare, personal development, and finance, among others. His talks were featured at TED, Adobe Pacific Summit, Future Shapers Forum, CEBIT and Quest Future of AI.


Toby has advised a number of leading organizations on their AI strategy such as McKinsey & Co, Bertlesmann, TATA Consulting, ServiceNow, Clayton Utz, the NSW Department of Education, and Penguin Random House and is often invited to TV shows to talk about the subject.

Prof. Walsh is a passionate advocate for limits to AI to ensure AI is used to improve, not hurt, our lives. Together with Pope Francis, Toby was voted runner up in the Person of the Year Award by the Arm Control Association, recognizing his work in ensuring the safe use of AI in warfare. 


Speaking topics 


Many Fears About AI Are Wrong

Should you be worried about progress in Artificial Intelligence? Will Artificial Intelligence destroy jobs? Should we fear killer robots? Does Artificial Intelligence threaten our very existence?


What AI Can (and Can't) Do

AI is transforming our lives. What can it do? What will it do? What should we welcome or fear? It is clear that the next industrial revolution has started. However, there are many misconceptions.


Future of Jobs

Automation looks set to replace many jobs in the next few decades. How many jobs will really be lost? And what work will be left for humans to do? In this talk, Toby discusses some of the myths and misconceptions about the future of jobs and injects some realism into how AI and Robotics will change the landscape of work.


Ethical challenges in AI

As we hand over more decisions to algorithms and give more autonomy to machines, we have to worry about the ethics of these new applications. In this talk, Toby discusses some of the challenges, as well as some of the proposals to ensure we build machines that act in ethical ways. The session will be hands-on, giving the audience a chance to learn from some recent case studies.


Prof. Walsh is happy to customize his talk to perfectly fit the client’s needs.

Android Dreams
Machines That Think


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