Justin Rockefeller is  Global Director of Family Offices and Foundations at Addepar, the financial company empowering investors and advisors to navigate the increasingly complex world of investment management.


Addepar serves as the transaction-level data platform for The ImPact, a social enterprise Justin cofounded to increase the probability and pace of solving social problems by improving the flow of capital to businesses creating measurable social impact. The ImPact provides families with the knowledge and network they need to make more impact investments more effectively.  


Since 2009, Justin has served on the board and the investment and audit committees of Rockefeller Brothers Fund; he helped steer the private foundation towards mission-aligned investing of its endowment.  He also serves on the board of Japan Society.  

In 2002, Justin received a B.A. from Princeton University. Justin is married, has two daughters, and lives in New York City.





Impact Investing: The Future of Investing is Impact


Today, 17% of all assets of wealthy families are allocated to impact investments – investments targeting both a financial return and a measurable social benefit. This number is likely to increase dramatically in the future as 59 trillion dollars transfers in the coming 3 decades to the Millennial generation, 93% of whom believe solving social problems is a key driver in their investment decisions. 


Impact investor and Cofounder of The ImPact, Justin Rockefeller, is increasing the probability and pace of solving social problems by improving the flow of capital to businesses creating measurable social impact. He shares the experience of Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s divestment of fossil fuels and moves into mission-aligned investing, and paves a path forward for people interested in impact investing in the 21st century – one that is tech-enabled, data-driven, value-based, and inspired by next-gen thinking.

"I really enjoyed your [Justin] presentation [at the NYSSA Single Family Office Conference] for several reasons. First, you have managed to demonstrate extremely rare challenges facing you in your desire to make an impact. Another reason why your presentation really resonated with me was that you have shared with the audience that you wanted to change the world for better when your daughter was born." 


- Vitaly Veksler, CFA

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