The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas is a collection of the most challenging concepts facing business leaders at the dawn of the 21st century. At the intersection of emerging technologies and new patterns of human behaviour, the ideas in the Dictionary have been chosen for both their potential to transform the way companies operate, and inspire new forms of thinking. 

What makes an idea dangerous is often not so much the idea itself as the troubling questions that it raises. Questions about the nature of reality, authority, society, and the boundaries between truth and heresy. 

Global futurist and innovation expert Mike Walsh presents 88 scientific breakthroughs, emerging technologies and disruptive business models - all with the potential to shake the foundations of the world we know. 

Fully illustrated with a custom typographic alphabet and original black and white photographs - The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas is the essential companion for any leader who wants to understand what it will take to survive and thrive in the near future. 


Mike Walsh

Are you ready to survive and thrive in an age of AI, automation and algorithms? Mike designs companies for the 21st century. With an engaging blend of case studies, global perspectives and cutting-edge research, Mike’s original insights help business leaders understand and unleash their future potential. A true global nomad, Mike travels over 300 days a...Read More

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