Culinary Artist. Star on Netflix' The Final Table.

At the intersection of science, art, community and entrepreneurship, Charles’ aim is to inspire solutions for important challenges in the relationship between humans, and nature.


Culinary Artist. Community Builder. Experience Designer. Netflix star. University of Oxford scholar. Keynote speaker.


Using experimental psychology, multisensory science, human-centered design, culinary art and ritual, Charles works to create around the idea of community and human development.


Charles’ work has taken many shapes, from starring as a master chef in Netflix’ latest food show – The Final Table, to publishing over 12 papers in science journals on multisensory perception, or helping design a sustainable village project, to painting with food, or inventing a spoon that enhances flavors of creamy foods. Sometimes it's a high-end dinner that unfolds over a carefully crafted narrative, or a debate on the future of an exciting field of scientific research. Sometimes it's facilitating a meal with key stakeholders to increase connection and empathy. Charles has helped large brands understand how to leverage the senses to evoke powerful emotions for their teams, or clients.


Charles has given over 30 talks on the future of food and eating, on stages such as The Royal Society, The Royal Institution, Tech conferences, and TEDxHackney and TEDxMogadishu. 

"You have the best tool to change the world: Your mouth.

And it has much more power than you think." 


Charles Michel

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