"Get to know the secrets of your high performing brain!"

- Andy Habermacher

Andy is one of Europe’s leading experts on Neuroleadership – applying insights from the brain to leadership contexts. 

He is an author of several books focused on the neuroscientific and psychological aspects of workplace performance, health, engagement, leadership.


Andy is a Certified Master Coach and has over 20 years of experience in leadership training and development at multinationals. He can often be found speaking to large audiences internationally on the brain and business.


Andy has co-developed a behavioural framework known as SCOAP - a neuropsychological theory of human emotional needs and drives. His writing and academic work covers decision making, unconscious bias, happiness, and rationality amongst other things.


Andy is based in Switzerland where he heads a non-profit which aims to spread knowledge of the brain to a broader community and apply practical findings of human neuroscience research to create an impact within society. 

Get to Know the Secrets of the High Performing Brain


The brain, your brain, our brains that is what Andy is passionate about.

He looks into the brain, the neural substrates, the connections, the electrical impulses, the biological basis and translates this into what this means for you in business. The brain is the seat of all our behaviours, our actions and our decisions. Understanding the brain and how it functions will show you the world of human actions and reactions in a different light.


Andy is one of the few people who can take this scientifically based knowledge and put this into easy to understand terms and moreover translate this into what you can do in your business and your life now.

He has written extensively on blogs, in magazines and in his books on the brain. He works with authors, professors, leadership experts and senior leaders refining his approaches.


"Andy has always proven to be helpful, motivating and inspirational."

- Hansueli Meister, Member of the Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group AG

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